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We use In-Dex WMS by Principal for our in-house clients such as Dunnes Stores, Allegro and Brandshapers. A vigilant pro-active system that will reduce warehouse management costs and influence that way you run your operations.

Using state of the art radio frequency technology In-dex provides concentrated real time stock control. Available with voice pick, it will alert you before problems happen,helping to positively influence how you run your business.
The system can completely eliminate mispicks, avoid stock outs, maximize your warehouse space usage and allow faster load checking and real time inventory control.

From the moment stock arrives in the warehouse, to the moment it leaves, it can be Tracked and Traced down to batch level of any sku, fully integrating with Purchase and Sales Ordering and fully compliant with current EU legislation.

As well as managing stock, it can also be used to more efficiently manage warehouse activity and staff, allocating necessary activities to operators. New recruits can be trained in hours letting you employ extra recruits for predicted busy periods. Full and complete KPI reporting for each operator and activity in multiple locations is also available.

A radio frequency network deployed on Psion Teklogic handhelds, Vocollect voice units and truck mounted scanners is connected to the central database through Cisco access points, permitting fast and reliable receipting, returns, perpetual inventory control, stock rotation, auto replenishment of pick faces, and picking.

The warehouse management system has allowed our customers to:

  • Reduce inventory costs
  • Eliminate miss-picks
  • Avoid stock outs
  • Achieve faster load checking and real time inventory control
  • Deploy sophisticated inventory control including perpetual inventory
  • Rotate stock under 3 different methods; FIFO, best before, user defined
  • Maximize warehouse space usage


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